Boa Expansion Insert

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The internationally renowned expert on tree stabilisation, Dr. Lothar Wessolly,

who holds the EU patent 0623277 for tree stabilisation, is the founder of Boa Tree Cabling Systems. 

One of the most successful tree cabling systems in the world, with more than 500,000 installations worldwide.

Boa Tree Cabling Systems offer a patented, tangle-free cable for extreme ease of use.  

Boasting high-quality, robustly tested materials, Boa cabling systems are strong, safe and dependable, for a market leading solution you can trust.

The Expansion Insert from Boa enlarges the rope and protects the cambium by reducing surface pressure.

Fed into the cable approximately 1.2m from the end, it is a common component to the 2-ton, 4-ton and 8-ton systems.

A special embossing improves transverse stability.