Mont-Bell – Design Philosophy 

If we need something for the outdoors, we’ll make it ourselves." This principle drove Isamu Tatsuno and his friends when they founded Montbell in 1975. Dissatisfied with the existing gear after climbing in the Japanese and European Alps, they aimed to create clothing and equipment suited for Japan’s unpredictable mountain conditions. They used technical materials and their outdoor experiences to innovate, quickly gaining support from enthusiasts. For over 45 years, Montbell has adhered to the philosophies of “FUNCTION IS BEAUTY” and “Light & Fast,” continuing to develop products that ensure safety and comfort in harsh environments both in the mountains and forests. 


“FUNCTION IS BEAUTY,” or “KINOBI” in Japanese, is the concept of finding beauty in expert craftsmanship. We choose our materials meticulously and design products so thoroughly, making them more refined, simpler, and easier to use. This is the essence of “Function is Beauty

Light & Fast®

We strive to create products that are as lightweight as possible, without compromising quality, function or durability, helping keep you safe by letting you go further and faster.

Ballistic Ultra® Nylon Ripstop 

Extremely Strong: Made from 66 nylon and enhanced by a special stretching process, this material is incredibly strong and durable.

Reducing Weight: Combining 66 nylon fibres with hollow fibres, this fabric is 20% lighter without losing strength or durability.

Ultimate Performance: Weaving Precisely woven fibres create a uniform, highly durable, and abrasion-resistant material.

Wickron Cool®

Superior Breathability: Made from polyester fibres, Wickron Cool uses clover-shaped fibres to create microscopic airflow channels, promoting breathability and comfort in warm conditions.

Quick Dry Properties: Capillary action wicks moisture from the skin to the breathable exterior, reducing dry time to half that of traditional cotton shirts.

Improved Resistance to Abrasion: The updated knitting pattern and filament tensile strength enhance durability while maintaining breathability and lightness.

Improving Odor Control: A photo-catalytic agent (Titanium Dioxide) in the fibres, activated by UV light, helps combat body Odors at a molecular level.

UV Protection: Blocks over 90% of harmful UV radiation, providing effective sun protection.


Lightweight just got a whole lot lighter and technical! 967* g for Type A Chainsaw Trousers*

Introducing mont-bell Logger Chainsaw Trousers. Drawing inspiration from nearly five decades of crafting top-tier mountaineering gear for the planet's most challenging environments.

*based on size medium

montbell lightweight trousersmontbell lightweight trousers

Crafted from Ballistic Ultra® Nylon Ripstop, featuring Nylon 66 for unparalleled strength. This material is not only 20% lighter than standard nylon of equivalent thickness but also boasts a remarkable strength that is x3.6 times greater than traditional Nylon.  

Water repellent finishWater repellent finish

Water Repellent Finish 

4 way stretch4 way stretch

4-way Stretch Fabric

Dynamic and superior mobility with 4-way stretch fabric, featuring a fully articulated knee joint for enhanced flexibility

rear zipped ventilationrear zipped ventilation

Rear Zippered Ventilation

For enhanced breathability and comfort 

integrated belted & brace attachmentsintegrated belted & brace attachments

Integrated Belted & Braces Attachment

4 zipped pockets4 zipped pockets

4 Zippered Pockets 

2 hand pockets | 2 thigh pocket

protection ratedprotection rated

Protection Rated

Class 1– EN381-5 Class1 (20/s)