New Easy Access For Link20|Link40|Link30+

RRP: £120.00 £100.00

Fall arrest device specifically designed for use in rope access work, compliant with the standard EN 12841-A. It has been designed to remain constantly positioned above the user, thus minimizing the potential fall factor to the minimum. Main features: it allows the safe ascent and descent of a vertical line, instantly blocking itself in case of a fall. equipped with a lanyard allowing the user to pull the device down during descent. equipped with an additional hole for the unlocking of the device when under load. the device can be connected to the harness through the components LINK 20 (workload 140 kg), LINK 40 (workload 140 kg) or LINK 30+ (workload 250 kg); used in combination with the LINK 30+ component it is ideal for rescue manoeuvres with two people.