KM Pro Static Rope 11mm Black & White

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Static Rope KM Pro is specifically manufactured to the needs of the rope access industry and perfectlycombines price and performance.


TEUFELBERGER, is proud to introduce KM Pro. The first rope of TEUFELBERGER's range, specifically manufactured to the needs of the rope access industry. KM Pro delivers the perfect blend of price and performance!

KM Pro’s construction is rooted in that of our flagship rescue product KMIII®. This ensures that the superior strength, handling, tenacity, abrasion resistance and low elongation that you expect from TEUFELBERGER will be there. Yet, rope access ropes have a completely different set of demands than rescue ropes.

They need a hard focus on low elongation and high strength but without the ‘cable’feel of solid polyester ropes. The only way to achieve this blend is by merging polyester and nylon.

KM Pro is life safety certified according to EN1891A and CI1801. The MBS is a 35kN (7,865lbf) with an elongation of only 2.0%.

The polyamide core keeps the rope round and supple, even after a lifetime of use. Meanwhile, the polyester sheath protects that core with a static, strong, chemical and UV resistant jacket. It’s the rope you’ve been waiting for.

Take it for a ride.

Specifications Standard: EN 1891 ACI 1801Core: Nylon, Cover: Polyester, Braid:32