Sparrow Rescue Descender for General Industrial Purposes

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Self-braking descender for rope work that allows the operator to descend on the working rope, to position himself and to climb back up on it. Fields of application:

  • descent device for rescue EN 341:2011-2A, maximum working load 150 kg, maximum descent height 100 m, to be used with rope PATRON PLUS 11 – Ø 11 mm;
  • rope adjustment device / descender EN 12841:2006-C, maximum working load 150 kg, to be used with ropes EN 1891-A – Ø 10.5 ÷ 11 mm.

Main features:

  • it has a retractable friction point that allows you to create additional friction on the rope, during a descent, without the use of an additional connector;
  • equipped with a multifunctional control lever with automatic recall system that allows the operator to descend at a controlled speed and stop at the work point without stop keys;
  • EBS (Extraordinary Braking System) safety system that is activated when the lever is pulled to the bottom accidentally, decreasing the speed of descent rather than increasing it;
  • equipped with a safety lever on the mobile flange that facilitates the installation of the rope in the passage of fractionations.
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