Teufelberger multiANCHOR 12mm

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Cambium saver - The multiANCHOR is a cambium saver with international certification, which is suited for multifunctional anchoring use

  • Sizes: 12mm x 4.0m, 12mm x 6.0m

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This multiANCHOR is a cambium saver with international certification.

It is a tree care tool designed for use in various anchoring scenarios.

Thus, the multiANCHOR can be used as basal anchor, on the one hand, while it constitutes an excellent addition to conventional cambium savers, on the otherhand.

When installed as a basal anchor, multiANCHOR main benefit is that it enables a ground-basedand lowerable ascent system.

Therefore, if a rescue becomes necessary, the injured or incapacitatedperson can be lowered by a rescuer standing on the ground.

An anchor construction installed up in the tree can be configured in two possible ways: As a Y anchor on 2 limbs, the anchor point centring itself via the ring.

Here, in the case of potentially unreliable anchor points, the load is applied to 2 limbs. As a Y anchor with 2 redundantly secured anchor points.

This configuration provides the safety of asecond anchor point in the event that a limb breaks.

For putting together the above systems, the following extra itemsare needed: Basal anchor: Sirius Loop Compensating anchor: ringLOOP 26 Redundant anchor: 2 x ringLOOP 34, 1 x ringLOOP 26The multiANCHOR can be enhanced by the ringLOOP, and, of course, our Retrieval Cone L can be exchanged