Ocean Polyester e2e Green/Yellow 10mm

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The Ocean Polyester e2e is a hitch cord with two stitched eyes, which is ideally suited for your applications in the field of tree care.
  • 10mm x 65cm
  • 10mm x 80cm
  • 10mm x 85cm
  • 10mm x 90cm
  • 10mm x 95cm
  • 10mm x 100cm
  • 10mm x 105cm
  • 10 mm: EN 795B, EN 566, ANSI Z133, AS/NZS 5532

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The Ocean Polyester e2e is our answer to the complex requirements imposed on hitch cords.

The cover of the Ocean Polyester Eye-to-Eye (e2e) consists of braided polyester/aramid, and its core is made of high quality polyester fibers.

This mix of materials makes the Ocean Polyester e2e highly heat resistant.

The stitched eye-to-eye loops come in diameters of 8 or 10 mm and are designed to grip a carabiner.

These high quality stitched end terminations permit perfect handling with the DMM Hitch Climber Pulley