Teufelberger PSA 1spL drenaLINE charity 11,8mm

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7350286, 7350285
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Super versatile climbing rope and equally supporter of charitable causes


Introducing a new rope called charityLINE (drenaLINE) was born where 10% of the whole turnover will be donated to two charities, one in the United States – Fallen Families and one in Europe and the rest of the world – Caritas. Those charities will help to overcome the financial burden for people that are dependent on varies services or aid provided as well as external support. #bettertogether

Caritas is an aid organization that is committed to helping people in need in a variety of ways. The charity advises, accompanies, and supports people in difficult life situations, with illness or disability, after accidents or disasters. Now a specific focus is put onto the crisis in the Ukraine. Around 3.9 million people have been reached by Caritas aid in Ukraine so far. Emergency aid stations have been set up and medicines, food, hygiene products, etc. have been made available. 162 Caritas organizations in over 200 countries are at the service of humanity worldwide.

Treework is one of the most dangerous jobs and coupled with great risk. To ascertain that people in the arborist community, get the help and support they need in case something happens the Fallen Families organization was funded. The objective of the Fallen Families Fund is to help reduce the financial burden of a work-related injury or death by providing grants that will help the individual or family through their healing and recovery immediately following an accident on the job.