Teufelberger pulleySAVER 12mm

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Cambium saver with DMM pulley.

The pulley SAVER from TEUFELBERGER is a cambium saver with a pulley supplied by DMM.

It is the ideal tool for tree care operations.

  • Sizes: 1.25m, 2.5m & 4m

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The TEUFELBERGER pulleySAVER convinces with the following features:

  • Small, lightweight Pinto for easier uninstallment from the ground
  • Large Pinto pulley is available as a replacement part
  • Sirius Loop for longer service life

DMM retrieval cone: optimized in technology and appearance.

Additional type of use through OD Loop 7mm with thimble and equaLIZAThe climbing rope moves on the PINTO pulley with ease.

The resilient eye which facilitates the retrieval of the pulleySAVER will return to its original position even after thousands of cycles.

The pulleySAVER comes with TEUFELBERGER's patented [slaice]®.

Attachment as an anchor point on a tree is possible in six different configurations, depending on the intended type of use: as a swinging element in a double leg configuration, as a choke sling, wrapped in a double leg configuration, constricted in a double legconfiguration, in a double leg configuration using the Prusik Loop with thimble, and as anequalizing anchor in combination with the equaLIZA.

For the pulleySAVER, both the Ocean Dyneema® Loop and the Sirius Loop are available asseparate replacement parts.